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Beach Portrait Shoot with Norfolk Modelling Agency

I had a wonderful time heading to the beach with Chiara, India, and Victoria from the Norfolk Modelling Agency. I got in touch to see if they would be up for it to not only get their modelling portfolio started but some practice for me as well. With a bit of extra time on my hands, it only feels wise to use it to get more experience and do what I love!

I was so excited for this shoot and created a mood board to take with us, including a little storyline to inspire the session.

When we first got to the beach, I thought what great weather! And then, the heavens opened, and it started pouring it down. I was suddenly thinking we are either all going to get drenched or we are going to have to reschedule.

Luckily, it all cleared up and apart from being incredibly windy it was not even that cold and it didn’t rain again!

I was quite surprised at myself actually when I realised, I had never done a shoot at the beach, well. I did do one a Bawsey but I don’t think that really counts as a beach. After the success of this one and a lovely family session, I did at a beach not that long after I am sold!

This was Chiara and India’s first professional shoot, and I think they did an amazing job as you will see from all the photographs below. I couldn’t be happier with what we achieved.

Thank you for looking through the photographs we got! What do you think? They did amazing, right?!

You can book Chiara and India through The Norfolk Modelling agency here.

And come join me on Instagram where I post my most recent work, here!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great day,

Lucy x


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