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Personal Brand Photoshoot Ideas

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Personal branding shoots are the perfect way to present yourself as professional and also show off your businesses persona. They are also a chance to get lots of content for your to use on your social media. People buy from people so don't be afraid to show your face! Having a bank of lovely images to use will make this a lot easier if you are nervous to show your face.

Images from your personal branding shoot can be used on your website, in blogs, in your email signature, newsletters, any marketing material and on social media. Having a longer session will mean you can get more of a variety via different locations and outfit changes. This means you have to step out in front of the camera less and end up with a tonne of new content!

I think it's important to have a bit of a plan, as you would have read in my blog post - 5 Tips for Planning your Branding Shoot check it out if you're not sure where to start!

The location and outfits you choose all work together to create a story, so you just have to figure out how you want to present yourself online. In this blog post, I will give you some ideas based on what I have done with previous clients!

1. Incorporate a Hobby

Can you tell what the lovely Shona of Lilac HR likes to do in her spare time? When she suggested having her sit on the hay bails as a makeshift office space I was in love already! It really helped to show her personality and having a cute dog involved will never hurt. How could you incorporate something you like to do in your spare time that will also attract your ideal client?

2. Town and Country

What I love about living more in the countryside is that you can go to somewhere like Stamford UK and be in a lovely town that has the most gorgeous architecture and then drive 5 minutes and be in a beautiful country park. A fab way to get images that are in more formal attire and then some that are more relaxed. I had a wonderful walk around with Becka of Clear Round Media.

3. This Is What I Do (and where I do it)

Sixpence Social using my studio as an office.

In my studio space, I have an extra table that I use as a 'fake' desk. Add your own props to make it look like your own. Otherwise, use your actual office space for an extra personal touch! Most use mine if their space isn't very picturesque or under construction.

Lilac HR in her own office space.

Both works really well! I think it's lovely for your clients and potential clients to see where you work, it really shows the small business power! No massive team just you and your amazing skills.

4. Don't Forget Your Hero Shot

Screenshot from Lilac HR's Homepage.

Something that is important is not to forget about how the images will work on your website! This is why I always try and go through clients websites with them beforehand. Shona and I had already figured out this shot before the shoot. We really wanted it to be warm, cosy and inviting capturing the steam coming from her branded mug. The drips on the mug have intentionally not been edited out because of her tag line 'real HR for real people'. Real people have messy mugs!

Set the mood right for your clients and have a bit of a plan for this image. It might change when you're actually shooting and due to changing circumstances. Shona's hero image was actually meant to be her and some of her clients but because of the pandemic and ever-changing rules we adapted!

5. Where Do You Feel Comfortable?

Other than picking the right photographer for you, another factor that can create beautiful images is making sure you're comfortable in your environment! Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Do you love working from home? Want professional images in the warm?

If you're comfortable it will make a massive difference in the images. Which a majority part of that is on us, the photographers! We are going to try our best to make you relaxed so it is a joyful experience. Because it should be!

I hope these have given you a bit of a better idea of what you might like for your own personal branding photography. Honestly have fun with it! If you have fun, your dream clients will be right there with you.

Keep dreaming!

Lucy x

Check out more of my work by heading to my personal branding gallery here: Personal Branding | Lucy Dack Photography | Long Sutton

Or head to my investment page here: Branding | Lucy Dack Photography | Long Sutton where you can also request a brochure to find out more about my sessions.


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