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brand photographer

Hey, Lucy here! I'm a 

And product photographer who loves to create images that help you stand out and shine.

Me and my studio are currently based in Lincolnshire, UK where I was born and raised, (I’m a big fan of slow-paced living!). I started studying photography at 15 when I did a course with a local photographer before heading to college to do it at A level. I then went on to do it at the University of Westminster in London where I got my first-class honours in photography.

If you cannot tell, I’ve always wanted to be a photographer!

In my spare time, I like to create digital drawings from portraits, using my own and other people's photographs. When I was at college there was a time when I thought I might do animation or illustration at Uni so it’s lovely to stretch those muscles again. I also enjoy yoga, binging Netflix shows and eating way too much sweet food! It’s sweet over savoury all the way for me.

brand photographer


Here is what I do

From my cosy studio I work with amazing business owners to capture 

Effortless Branding

Inspiring Commercial Images

Stylish Product Photography

You can also catch me in the car with my boot full of gear listening to a podcast or singing badly to my favourite music on my way to a stunning location.

My Dream

Growing up I was always told I was in ‘Lucy Land’ as I daydreamed so much. I still do, and I hope you do too! I am not sure what I was dreaming about at school, but now, what I would absolutely LOVE to do is provide photography that matches the quality of your product or service. If you have created a business around your dream, I think it deserves the care and attention to grab peoples ever scrolling eye.



I love a chat, if I worked in an office, I would get nothing done! So please, if you have any enquires feel free to send me an email and let’s meet up/zoom and you can tell me all about the exciting thing you need photographing.

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