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Product Photography Process

Product photography is so important for any business that sells a physical item (well, I think photography is essential for every business!). Your website and social media are your shop window, when people are browsing, they want to be able to see them clearly, so they know what they are buying.

However, I know how tight money can be when you just start out so if you do need to do them yourself you might want to check out these blog posts I have done in the past to get you started!

If you are thinking of hiring a professional now or in the future then keep on reading! I’ll be talking you through the process a little bit of how I work with clients.

Work for Jessica Alice Jewellery

As every business is different I first of all love to look at your website and social media to see what kind of style you have gone for before/what you have currently. It also gives me a little insight into your branding. Booking in a chat with me is a great place to start so you can tell me a little more about your business, your brand and what you are looking for. There’s no obligation to book in after this!

I have a section on this in my product photography brochure, but if you have decided to go ahead with booking a session it is sometimes handy for you to create a brief for me, especially if you have specific images in mind. I love a shot list so I can tick off as I go! This can include any inspiration photographs you have found, or you can add me to a Pinterest board so you can keep adding to it as you go.

An example of a Pinterest Board I put together!

When it comes to photographing products you can be as involved as you like! I always want it to feel like a collaboration so if you get the images back and don’t like something/need to adjust anything just let me know! The most important thing to me is that you get the best images that represent your brand. Many clients just leave me to work on them but if you would like to collaborate I love a bit of teamwork too.

Work for Smith and Munson - requested plain white background.

If you have a deadline of when the images absolutely need to be done, also just let me know! This way I can make sure I have enough availability to get it done in time. Otherwise, my turnaround time is usually between 2-3 weeks depending on how big the job is. Creativity is unfortunately not something that can always be rushed! If I can take my time with it, I will as this always produces the best results.

Work for Crafted Hustle - provided a short brief then I got creative.

Those are the most important aspects of my process! Communication is key to make sure you get the most out of the time, and thinking about what you need will make the most out of your investment.

I am the photographer for you if you are interested in a more lifestyle approach to your product photography. I love adding natural props to my images that create more of a story. I have a selection of dried flowers and different backdrops I can use, or if you have collected your own that you know represent your brand send them along with the products! If requested I also do them on a white backdrop as well if needed.

Here are some examples of my images being used on past clients websites and social media –

Jessica Alice Jewellery's Website with my images.
Smith and Munson's Website with my images.

Jessica Alice Jewellery's Instagram - there is an X over the images I did not do.

Smith and Munson's Instagram - there is an X over the images I did not do.

If you would like to see more of my product work click the link here: Products | Lucy Dack Photography | Long Sutton

Or if you are thinking of booking me you can request a brochure.

This should be a fun process and inspiring! Let those products shine and hopefully, I can help you up-level your business with high-quality images.

Keep dreaming!

Lucy x


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