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Top 5 tips for iPhoneography

Hello and welcome to my top 5 tips for iPhoneography for anyone who wants to know how to take great pictures using their phone! Although these are specific to the iPhone there are still tips here that can be used with any mobile with a camera.

So without further ado lets get started!

1. Windows are your friend!

For indoor photographs, it is best to have your subject in front of a window, or in a room that has lots of them such as a conservatory. The newer model of phones are pretty good in low light as you see below but it does make images very yellow!


2. Shade, shade, shade

Contrary to popular belief really sunny days are not great for photographers. I am more likely to be hiding from it when it's high in the sky! When it is a bright day I would highly recommend finding some shade. You can see my fabulous model Buster is way more detailed in the last image.

3. Play with the tools you have

These next ones I'm afraid are aimed at those with the latest iPhone's...

I literally borrowed my boyfriend's phone for these as I don't have the lastest one... what a fraud! But really, depending on what your subject is you can have a lot of fun with a variety of choices. Below you will see I've taken the same photo, and have just changed the setting from x2 to x1 then to the widest 0.5. These options can be found under 'photo' and will show up just above. I wouldn't tend to use 0.5 unless I was taking a photo of a room or a landscape perhaps but there are no rules, try it out!

4. Getting the right exposure

iPhones are pretty good at getting the right exposure anyway but if you're in a bright or dark spot, this can be a great tool. If in the image below I had tapped on the window light it would be darkened Charlie (my dog) and corrected the exposure for outside. It gives you a lot more control if you're getting creative with a spot of light.

5. Portrait mode!

I love portrait mode when I'm using my iPhone, it mimics the shallow depth of field you get with a professional camera. This mode comes with several different options too if you swipe right where you can see it say 'natural light'. I'm not a massive fan of those so I just keep it on natural light but it's worth playing with if you haven't already! Everyone's taste is different and that is great. We don't all want to be seeing the same stuff all the time!

So those are my 5 tops tips for iPhoneography! No matter what you're taking photos of I hope you find this helpful from pet photography to food. Have fun and create! Most importantly remember that if it goes wrong you can just delete it! And no one will know ;) If this inspires you to take some photos tag me in them! I would love to see.

Let me know if you would like a follow-up post on my favourite app for phone editing! Or if there is anything I missed that you would like advice on. I am here to help!

As a little bonus and because I got some really cute pictures of Buster and Charlie - here are some examples of similar scenarios but with my pro camera.

Taken indoors: on the left, lots of window light. On the right, in the hallway with the light source coming from behind.

Much easier to correct shadows with a DSLR as it contains a lot more information! Whereas your phone doesn't so that's why with phones I would always recommend having more light shining on the subject from the front. However! Once you know the rules they can be broken and that's when you can get experimental, it's all about that light.

Taken outside: Buster facing the sun.

Look at those moves! I didn't take an example of him in the shade because I was too distracted by what a good boy he is... but you can see he is squinting in the left photo which is why especially if you're taking a photo of a person, I would recommend finding some shade so they can have their eyes open.

These are all just suggestions on ways you can take better pictures at home, but the best way to do it is to just take photos and get to know the equipment you have.

Thank you for reading lovelies!

Have a great day,

Lucy x


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