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Tammy and Iain's Wedding

Tammy and Iain’s wedding kicked off at Kings Lynn Town Hall and man it was a hot one! Even if it was a tad too warm during the ceremony it didn’t stop it from being lovely. I think the smiles in the photographs say it all really. Seeing a bride beaming as they walk down the aisle is so wonderful.

After Tammy and Iain officially became Mr and Mrs they and all of their guests hopped on an awesome London bus to Sandringham. We stopped off there to take some group shots with their family and friends. Also to have some grub and maybe a glass of champagne, or two.

The final destination on the London bus was The Yurt at Drove Orchards. A lovely little location in Thornham where their reception was held including their evening meal. Which I might add was delicious! One of my favourite meals I’ve had at a wedding so far. They also had The Sing Along Waiters as a surprise from Iain’s Mum who were amazing.

From the beginning till the end everyone was having the best time. A really enjoyable day full of laughter! Please enjoy looking through some of my favourite images from their wedding day.

Suppliers who made the day look, taste and sound great:

Ceremony Venue: Kings Lynn Town Hall

Reception Venue including meal: The Yurt at Drove Orchards

Evening Entertainment: The Sing Along Waiter’s

When I say I aim to capture everything... I mean it ;)

This is the second time I have had a couple tell me they are having a 'cheese cake' and my mind went straight to the sweet kind! I can confirm however that my dessert at the wedding was cheesecake (the sweet, vanilla kind). YUM! I definitely am planning to go back to the Yurt for Sunday lunch because it was so very yummy.

Anyway, can you tell I'm hungry now? I hope you enjoyed looking through Tammy and Iain's big day. It was a scorcher but a wonderful day.

A massive thank you to Tammy and Iain for having me as their wedding photographer!

Have a great day everyone!

Lucy x


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