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Fun and colourful PT Personal Branding Shoot

I have really been loving doing personal branding sessions with businesses to help them show up online in the best and most authentic way for them and working with Amy of Tonicity was so wonderful! Amy had a two-hour session which meant we had plenty of time to do lots of images in the studio, but also on location as well. I went scouting in my local area so we weren't eating away at our shooting time travelling and found that my local park had put in an outdoor gym. Perfect for shooting with a Personal Trainer! I wanted to make sure that Amy had lots of areas to work with, to lean on for stretching poses, to jump off of for exciting, energetic shots. It keeps the session fresh and also makes sure that she gets a variety of images that she can use across social media and her website.

Before the session, we had a zoom call to have a bit of a plan and I checked out Amy's website to see what areas needed some new imagery, it also helps to take a look so I know how many landscape or portrait photographs she needed to fit perfectly with her layout. I also got Amy to send me some of her favourite accounts on Instagram so I could create a mood board for inspiration on the day. This all helps to make sure the sessions goes smoothly and so we both know what sort of outcome we're looking for.

If you would like to have your own personal branding shoot head to my contact page to get in touch!

I am so pleased with how this session went and the outcome. It was so much fun to do! Here is what Amy had to say -

"I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough! After contacting Lucy for a branding shoot for my website and social media, she immediately reached out and started discussing ideas with me. She made me feel completely at ease in front of the camera and made the entire experience so much fun! I absolutely love the images and I can't wait to work with Lucy again. Thank you!"

If you're looking for a personal trainer Amy is brilliant. Check out her website (including her amazing new images 😉) here - Personal Training | Tonicity Personal Training | Bourne (

You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook under Tonicity.

Thank you for looking through mine and Amy's session! Have a great day, Lucy x

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