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Barefoot Sunday and a Gardening Shop full of wonders

It’s a very hard life when you work for such talented people that you just want to buy everything they sell! It is always a treat going to Barefoot Sunday, and now the brand new garden shop at Rutland Garden Village. They have a fab taste when it comes to buying lovely items for their customers to purchase and they always have a very welcoming store that is laid out in a lovely way.

I have been going for a little while now to update their images and each time there is a fresh new look and layout. The people are so great to work with, I work so much on my own it’s nice to feel part of a team.

I just wanted to show you some of my favourite items from the various times I have been. I cannot guarantee that all of these items will still be in stock on their website because some images are older than others. But they're always adding new awesome stuff!

As I write this during lockdown 2.0 it is so important to support small businesses, and now more than ever with shops adapting with delivery services it’s easier than it’s ever been. Although I know how nice it is to be able to go to a physical shop!

I hope you enjoy looking through all the different items I have photographed. I certainly enjoyed taking them!

Items from Barefoot Sunday

Garden Centre and part of the Christmas shop!

I have said to Katey the owner before that it would be a dream to decorate my future home with all of their items. Especially the glassware, it’s so gorgeous! Maybe someday, but I always know where to look for gifts. There’s something for everyone at Barefoot Sunday and in the Garden shop too for green finger friends and family.

I hope that if you needed a present for someone you have somewhere new to look now!

You can check out their website:

There you can find both Christmas items, accessories for your home, and beauty products.

Have a great day!

Lucy x


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