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The Studio

Take a sneak peek inside my happy place!

A lovely white desk and lush velvet green chair in front of a big window showing a tranquil backdrop of the apple tree. Kept clear to customise to you!

My bookshelf also works well as a backdrop, we can add or take away as you wish (I'll take off my LD - unless you happen to have the same initials!)


I am in love with the lifestyle area in the studio, the combo of the plum snuggle chair, plant and linen curtains creates a cosy and less formal space for headshots. 


Last but not least we have my super fun swing! It's always a great way to end a shoot and I love seeing the joy on people's faces when they have their first swing. 

Here is my selection of backdrop colours for you to pick from!


I love having people come to the studio. My sessions are very relaxed, we can chat, snack, drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate and listen to your favourite music as we create images that you will love to share. 

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