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Small Businesses Spotlight: Kostafuture

For all us small businesses out there shopping local is so important, supporting each other to help one another grow. I'm someone who would much rather buy off a small business than a big cooporation. You're buying off an actual person rather than a big brand who you have no idea who actually owns it or runs it, what are their values, what's important to them?

I'm going to be sharing images I've taken for other small businesses as a highlight on this blog. So you can get to know my style and also hear a little about other businesses too!

This Month: Kostafuture

Kostafuture is a three man run business in London who have a passion for fashion (I'm sorry I couldn't resist that one) and started up their clothing line last year. This was their summer collection which was shot outside Moyses Stevens (florist) and Peggy Porschen Cakes - where the cupcakes in the photographs were bought. Unfortunately, one of them was dropped because a wasp chased one of the models! Safe to say I'm not going to be working with cupcakes in the summer time again soon. The two ladies in the photographs are Charley and Larissa, friends I met at college who have always been natural models. We also all know Joe (one of the three men behind Kostafuture) from college which is why I was asked to do the photographs. You see, it's all worth it for the people you meet whilst you're in education. Unknowingly, you're networking.

Some of the best images I think come out of pure good timing and right place at the right time.

We then moved to the skate park down Southbank and around that area to do some more photographs of their second t-shirt with Confz, an up and coming rapper and all round lovely fella. Nothing was really planned, they just had the locations they wanted to go to; with the image above it was just a coincidence. Confz was hungry and wanted candy floss, we turned around and there was a pink bus. This created one of my favourite photographs from the shoot and maybe that I've ever taken?!

I did a second shoot with them for their winter collection around St. Paul and some with the Shard in the background.

They're definitely fun to work with as I was taken to so many cool locations in London. I also got to push myself as it was a night shoot as we were taking photographs of reflective clothing. A little behind the scenes as well is that most of these photographs involved a lot of waiting around as people were walking past or were taking pictures for the gram. The cons of choosing such picturesque areas of London. With this shoot I also had not edited anything in black and white for a long time and now I'm obsessed! I've fallen back in love with it.

Whilst we were at it Joe who does the social media and networking had a headshot done in their clothing. I'm actually a big advocate for having natural more location based headshots as I think this allows others to get to know you a bit. It's something a bit different to the usual black, white or grey background! I mean, look at that grin, how could you not want to help this friendly young man achieve his dreams?

Check out their website if you fancy a new hoodie or t-shirt. I can definitely say that their hoodie that Joe is wearing above is super soft inside and feels lovely, and I'm pretty fussy with fabric, I'm all about the soft stuff.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll stick around for the next post, I'm going to leave you with one last photograph, which is literally me when I see a dog -

Look at their little tail in the corner! Precious.

Have a good one and pet some dogs for me,

Lucy x


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