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My Photography Journey - 3 Things I Wish I Knew

a female photographer holding a camera up to her face, standing amongst silver birch
(An image from my first set of marketing images!

Three things I wish I knew when starting my business –

  1. You can’t be all things to all people If there were five of me you bet we would all be pursuing different areas of photography, (and we would kill it) but alas, it is just me. You can’t be several people all in one, some areas have to drop to make way for better opportunities. And more time to develop skills!

  2. Not everyone has the same head and heart as you Some people will totally and completely value the work that you do, and others won’t, and that my friend is completely okay!

  3. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT send images without a watermark before payment This seems like something I really should have known not to do but I had so much trust in people that I honestly thought it would be okay because they were nice. Nice people may not pay you for your work too 😂

an woman standing amongst trees smiling at the camera
(One of my most recent headshots - I'm no longer making everything extremely orange 😂)

When I started my business in 2018, I had no idea where it would go or what it would look like! All I knew is that my passion for taking photographs would lead me in the right direction.

Like most photographers, I did anything and everything when I started! It’s probably only recently that I have started to turn down work I know I’m not suited to. My business has only just got past the toddler stage so she’s starting to get onto her feet now.

The pandemic forced me to stop and look at my business so, in a way, I think it helped me to push along further than I would have if I had kept going as I was. It also gave me the time to properly start developing my new branding and create a website that reflects a slight change in direction.

So, what is that slight change in direction I hear you ask? My new website layout is more focussed on businesses rather than weddings and family photography. I’m absolutely still taking these on as I love them, which is why they’re all now under ‘love’.

With Covid putting a holt on weddings it made me do a 360, where before I was going to turn my focus to weddings and family photography, I did a switcheroo to stay afloat and have really been enjoying it. Me and my little studio have become quite acquainted with one another as I have been taking on lots of product photography work.

A flat lay image of a variety of gold jewellery on a silk background with a book.
(Flat lay for Jessica Alice Jewellery)

I have renewed my passion for product photography and helping small business like me shine online. With more people than ever checking their social media and doing their shopping there too, it has become so important to stand out! And if I can help more businesses sell more products and their services I 100% want to do that.

A photograph of a woman sitting at a desk with her laptop and mug.
(Headshot for Sarah Marks)

My new tag line is, ‘portraits and branding photography, for the daydreamers’ because we all have them when there is something we want to go after. And I want to capture that for you and help you on your way to making it a reality.

So keep dreaming and I'll be here to capture it,

Lucy x

P.S. The fab news that by April (hopefully) non-essential businesses can open so I can't wait to be able to welcome families and couples back! Plus weddings will be able to have more and more guests as time goes by. I'm so excited to get back to it and celebrate with you! 🥰

Check out the new branding and logo on my website: Portrait and Branding Photographer | Long Sutton, UK | Lucy Dack Photography

Tell me your thoughts! But please be kind, it was all homemade with help from talented friends.


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