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Jessica Alice Jewellery Product Photography

How lovely it has been to work with someone I went to College with! I am so happy and love that Alice and her sister have started their jewellery brand. When they dropped off everything for me to photograph I had the most fun going through them all. I had seen them on their website but how often do you get to have a look and play with a whole collection of jewellery.

Safe to say I have a lot of favourites!

Jessica and Alice put all their trust in me and apart from having a look at the photographs they had taken that were already on their website they left me with props that I could do whatever I liked with. I am very grateful to clients who ask me to do this, as although I like to have an idea what the aesthetic they like is, it works great when I can go with my gut. And with their reaction to the images, I think it was the right choice!

I always get so nervous when I press send – did I get it right? Is it the right style?! But turns out I did (yay me!). I am so happy with the outcome.

Please check out some of my favourites of their beautiful jewellery below, their website will be linked at the end of the post!

Lovely, isn’t it?

Here was Alice’s review:

“Lucy has recently photographed the most stunning images of my jewellery for the website. The task was not an easy one as the jewellery is so tiny and detailed, but Lucy has excelled! We wanted to give Lucy free reign on how the photos were styled as we felt that this would be the best way to get natural and eye-catching photos and Lucy has not disappointed! Absolutely over the moon and already cannot wait to see the next shoot ”

The next shoot was for Christmas which you can see below!

Please check out their website and give them some support by liking their socials! If you love jewellery you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for reading!

Have a great day,

Lucy x


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