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Ellie and James's Wedding at Ash Tree Barns

Ellie and James's wedding was a very relaxed day at Ash Tree Barns. With accommodation for guests and a bridal suite, it's the perfect place if you're planning a small ceremony and reception! No need worrying about getting from one location to the other as you're already there! The lovely Claire who is one of the owners of the venue also does hair and make-up and stayed throughout the day. You'll see below her adjusting Ellie's hair whilst she's getting food, great to have someone to keep you looking your best. It was a lovely warm day, but on the way in the morning I was hit by an awful rainstorm and thought for sure we had hit bad luck and it was going to be my first wet wedding. Apart from spitting on and off right before the ceremony was about to begin, it was a gorgeous day. Gary, the other half of Ash Tree Barns and a member of staff helping out had to keep flipping the chair covers over and back again as it was an outdoor ceremony. It didn't rain after that and the guests did not get wet! You won't see this in the pictures as I left them out of the gallery but Ellie's poor daughter Robyn managed to get a bee in her shoe right after the ceremony so unfortunately isn't in the confetti shots! It was awful to watch but she was an absolute trooper and was running around barefoot in no time. Lots of yummy food followed with plenty of old school games for the kids to play such as Jenga, hook a duck and even had a teepee up as well. Oh, and not to mention Ash Tree Barns has a section full of fancy dress which was VERY popular with both the kids and some of the adults too. There was never a dull moment. I had great fun capturing Ellie and James's wedding day, they're such a lovely couple and have such great friends and family who made me feel extremely welcome! That's all you can ask for, isn't it? Stuff might go wrong, a bee might upset a bridesmaid, there might be a little rain but as long as everyone is enjoying themselves these things will never ruin the day. Especially when you have great people around you. Suppliers who made the day look, taste and sound brilliant:

Day food- Good Tastes

Evening hog roast - Kings Butchers at West Lynn Day Instrumental - D ' A M O U R - Guitar Duo

Evening entertainment- Jessie’s Ghost

Florist- Debs Florist

Decorations hire - Lindsey’s Lending Emporium

There's no way you would get caught cheating playing hide and seek with this little one!

Probably the funniest cutting of the cake I've seen yet!

Well as anyone who has looked at more than one of my blog posts of weddings, I suck at narrowing it down! I just always have so many favourites! I hope that you guys enjoy having more to look at or should I start trying to narrow it down more?

Anyways thank you as always for taking a look at my work, and thank you to Ellie and James for being awesome, I loved capturing your wedding day.

Please share share share, I love photographing weddings so if you or anyone you know is getting married and still needs a photographer, send them this way!

Have a great day! Until next time,

Lucy x


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