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Steph and Dean

Steph and Dean's #wedding in Sheffield is the furthest (so far!) I have gone to photograph a wedding. I started off with the lovely Steph taking photographs of her getting ready with her family and friends. I knew from the beginning I was going to have fun with these guys! You'll see why when you see the photos!

Their ceremony was held at Sheffield Town Hall, lots of smiles and laughter during the ceremony which I always enjoy, no need for it to be too serious! When it came to exchanging the rings Steph ended up having to finish putting her own ring on which was highly amusing. They had one of the longest first kisses I've ever witnessed (side note: long smooches are great for us photographers as it gives us plenty of time to get the shot!). It was so very clear these pair are smitten with each other.

Right around the corner from the Town Hall, we went to the Peace Gardens for their group photographs which worked perfectly. After the list of group shots had been completed we then headed to Ego where they held their meal. Whilst waiting to go inside Steph and Dean wanted a photograph with an elephant statue, I started laughing. Steph told me this elephant is a Sheffield thing, and every now and then a new artist paints it. It had currently got the Arctic Monkeys album artwork on it, which I don't know how I didn't clock on sooner! Such an awesome idea to have a photograph with it to look back on. So unique, I love it.

One of the first things I tell my family about after a wedding is the food, I love food, and I can confirm it was very good. I'll have to start a food blog on the delicious food I'm lucky enough to eat at weddings. Once Steph and Dean had finished their meal and were ready for some couple shots we walked towards Tamper Sellers Wheel where they were having their reception. Right next door was a really cool piece of artwork of a bird, which matched their wedding colours.

Tamper Sellers Wheel is an awesome location for a reception, it had a gorgeous feature wall which looked as though it was hand-painted, plus the popular industrial rustic style. Steph and Dean added some lovely little touches including lots of photographs of them and their family. Their first dance song was Biblical by Biffy Clyro which took me way back to college when they were one of my favourite bands. What an absolute great pick for a first dance song!


Ceremony Venue: Sheffield Town Hall

Meal: Ego

Flowers done by the couple!

Hair: Holly Collins

Bridesmaids: Always there to help when needed, especially to put your heels on!

Or to add a little humour 👀👇

One of my favourite things about this last image is the reactions of the people in the left-hand corner!

I hope you enjoyed a look into Steph and Dean's #wedding day!

I have a little surprise for you all, Lucy Dack Photography is expanding to videography as well. All couples who have already booked and would like to add this to their package or any new bookings will also get videography at a highly discounted price (only the next 10 weddings will get the discount so get in touch if you're interested!).

Here is the video we did for Steph and Dean, video by my partner Ollie, photography by me! Let me know your thoughts!

Have a great day,

Lucy x

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