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7 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow with Girl About Social

Karina Scott, founder of Girl About Social, a social media content marketing agency, knows a thing or two about creating content for Instagram. She shares her favourite Instagram profiles.

I love to follow accounts that inspire me every time I log in. Whether that’s women-owned businesses, cool brands or aesthetically pleasing flat lays.

I use my Instagram feed as a mood board to help to create quality content for my clients.

Creating a beautiful aesthetic across your Instagram feed is not just visually pleasing, but can greatly improve your brand recognition and overall success.

One of the most important tools to becoming a content creator is creating a brand that people will instantly recognise - It will convey your brand's voice, personality, and help your followers engage with your content when it appears on their feed.

Firstly, this account always makes me want to level up my beauty and skincare regime. I love the nude colours and how the creator uses different textures and darker colours in the shots. This is one of my go-to accounts when creating beauty content, I even took inspiration for images on my own feed.

Socially Ciara is a great example of how to promote your business services without having to use chunky canva images. They offer marketing and social media to fashion, lifestyle and beauty clients and their feed completely shows that. I would recommend anyone who is struggling for inspiration on how to promote a service, podcast or share an announcement to follow this feed.

I turn on the alerts for Skn & Hue as their daily affirmation posts always make me feel empowered and ready for the day. Skn & Hue are another great example of a brand that uses lifestyle and beauty imagery to promote their products. Instead of using studio photography, the brand concentrates on using images of the natural products used within each scrub as a promotion tool.

Flat lays are the perfect way to incorporate a product into a story. I feel that flat lays look so much more natural on Instagram feeds. It also helps the customer visualize how they may use the product in their own day to day life.

This feed is the perfect place to start building your mood board - from food to fashion, this feed has inspiration for everyone.

Not only am I obsessed with their jewellery but I also love their feed. Daphine understands that their customers are their biggest marketing tool so mix in their own images with user-generated content. This is such a fantastic way for a brand to keep their imagery fresh, keep photography costs low as well as continue to connect with their community.

Food photography is so difficult to shoot, especially when you aren't an expert food photographer. Honeywell Biscuits showcase their products into fun flat lays with amazing background props to help tell the customer a story. Every time I see a picture from Honeywell it makes me hungry.

The Aldi marketing and social media team are always on point. Whether it’s their fast comebacks on Twitter or their amazing shots on Instagram. I love that every image connects to each other to create one big feast. Their Instagram is such a great account to follow if you are looking for food photography inspiration.

Thank you to Karina of Girl About Social for putting this list together! I hope that it is helpful for those of you who are looking for some inspiration for your own Instagram feeds. If you are looking for a social media content marketing agency check out Girl About Social! I've popped her links below. Website: Karina Scott – Girl About Social Instagram: 👩🏾‍💻Karina Scott (@grlaboutsocial) • Instagram photos and videos Keep dreaming! Lucy x

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