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Family Photography: don't be afraid of imperfection

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

This blog is going to be an interesting one, and I really hope it makes you laugh because these photographs crack me up.

So, family photography, all about getting those gorgeous smiles. Well, in order to get those smiles sometimes you have to battle with the grumpy faces. It is exactly why family sessions are always an hour, because in that hour (in this case) I take around 700 photographs, and about 25 of those are the golden shots. When you've caught everyone looking happy and enjoying themselves (no siblings arguing about not wanting to be near each other!).

This post is going to be celebrating (and laughing at) those in-between moments to give you guys an insight into a family session.

Special thanks to Tallulah and Rafferty for being the crazy kids they are, and to their mum, Teresa who came up with the idea after the session!

Kicking it off with a gif of Tallulah dancing.

From grump to smiling in 10 seconds flat!

(Click the arrow to see more images)

The series below is me catching the moment Rafferty was going to hit his sister, but once caught decided to stroke her instead.

(Click the arrow to see more images)

You might be thinking, why did she even bother taking some of these photos? Well, moments pass so fast and one minute they would be smiling and the next not so much! You definitely have to be quick on your feet with capturing moments with children. Especially in the slide show above, you can see how much everything changes between each frame. I for sure could have taken fewer images, but just as a photographer, I tend to take way more than what is potentially needed. It's just how I do things!

If you would like to see some more of my family photography you can do so here!

I hope you enjoyed looking through these images, they certainly made me giggle.

Have a great day!

Lucy x


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