Roots is a social documentary project based on my hometown Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. The idea for the project began when I was constantly being asked by friends and family not only what I wanted to do after graduation, but also where I wanted to live. So, I began to think, why do people choose Long Sutton? It’s a very small town with a slow-paced lifestyle, growing up there it appeared there was never anything to do. This project was a chance for me to see it through the eyes of people who have lived there most if not their whole lives, ranging from thirty-three to sixty-five years. Depicted in this series are both residents and independent shop owners in the town centre, who are not all living in Long Sutton, but some of the shops have been there between forty to fifty years. Alongside the portraits are landscapes of the town to set the scene. This includes the Church, one of the parks and the town centre on Market Day which has taken place since the 1600’s. To an outsider, the town most likely looks like any other town you could come across in England, but to the people living and working there, there is something special about it which has rooted them down. 


“I’ve never felt the need to go and live anywhere else.” – Resident for sixty-five years.

“I fell in love with it years ago and it’s always been my favourite place, ever.” – The Secret Garden Florist, shop owners for fifteen years. 

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