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Zoe and Tom's Wedding

The wonderful Zoe and Tom got married and it was a pleasure to be their photographer. The day began with me going to see Tom and his groomsmen to photograph them getting ready with formal shots. It's always fun with the lads especially when they don't know how to put their button holes on, makes some great natural photographs. However, I don't know what was in their garden but my eyes just started streaming! I've never experienced any kind of hay fever before so it was a shock, but when I left it stop luckily, otherwise I would be photographing through blurry eyes all day; not what you want!

I then went to see Zoe who was already in her dress, a very exciting moment to see the dress for the first time! We got her dad reacting to the dress as well as group shots with her bridesmaids, which included her very cute daughter Madison and the beautiful Abigail.

It was then time to head to Boston Registry Office, I've never been there before and it is quite majestic. The time of actually getting married went by in a flash and before I knew it, it was time to leave for the confetti throw outside.

The plan then was to head to Grandma's house for group shots with family as well as Zoe and Tom's first official photographs as a married couple! I was told a baby deer would visit them a lot at the back of the garden but unfortunately they did not make an appearance but how magical would that have been?! Nevertheless, it was a lovely garden for photographs with lots of trees to provide shade from the sun.

Once we had finished there was a little bit of time to relax, have a drink and I was even given food for the road from Grandma's snack draw. It was full to the brim with lots of goodies, you will even see in the photographs Zoe and Tom's daughter Madison munching on a bag of quavers during the group shots. It's hungry work having your photograph taken!

The final destination was to Holbeach Football Club for their reception, which had been decorated in a gorgeous way, I loved the table designs. I especially liked how so much had been personalised, little cookies with their initials and napkins. Let's also not forget one of my favourite things - the food! Zoe and Tom had a delicious hog roast followed by help yourself brownies and cheesecake (probably my two favourite desserts of all time - it's like they knew).

The whole day was wonderful, full of laughter, love and a few tears (happy ones of course) but mostly laughter as Zoe, Tom and their family are hilarious. Kept me amused from the moment I opened the door! (bit of a inside joke on that one). You guys are the best, wishing you the happiest of marriages - now lets move on to what we're here for, the photos!

But first, a list of suppliers who helped make the day special:

Hogroast - Trevor Sharpe

Balloons - Gemma Crane, The Balloon House Holbeach

Brownies, cheesecakes and pasta - Pippas Pantry

I like to call this one 'how many blokes does it take to do a button hole?'

I think it's safe to say Dad approved!

Sometimes you just need to compromise and let them hold an umbrella whilst they have a photo

The moment right before seeing each other, I love this moment so much

When snacks are life

'Because someone we love is in Heaven, there is a little bit of Heaven at our Wedding'

First shot picture before I headed out!

Hope you enjoyed looking through my favourites from Zoe and Tom's wedding.

If you like what you see and you're also getting married, feel free to send me a message and lets have a chat; or do you know someone who is getting married and hasn't got a photographer yet - link them to this!

Have a wonderful day,

Lucy x


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