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Sheila Tiller Product Photography: BTS

April has brought many different firsts for me, from photographing my first wedding, first newborn and now first time doing product photography in my studio!

As many others who loves shoes as much as me, I was very excited when Sheila Tiller, a clothing and shoe shop in Long Sutton contacted me! I did quite a bit of research before hand as even though I let them know that I have never photographed shoes before I wanted to somewhat know what I was doing.

From my research I decided to mostly use the natural light in my studio as it has lots of windows, and use my continuous lights to fill in some shadows. For those who are interested in photography I used my Nikon D750 with my 85mm lens for all the photographs. I also used a tripod for most of the shots to make sure they had the same composition, but below I did do some free-hand.

As this is something I have never done before my set up was very basic, the shoes were sat on a trunk and we draped my white paper backdrop on top.

Final Photograph

I would also like to say I did not do all of this on my own, Lisa, the lovely lady who does Sheila Tiller's window displays came and helped with positioning the shoes. I also had my partner Ollie (who took these behind the scenes photographs) and my Mum, a fellow lover of shoes and who probably already owned some of the shoes we photographed! (we both owned some afterwards).

Final Photograph

Final Photograph

With all the photographs that are lifted I had to edit out the stand, I'm not someone who uses Photoshop all the time so I'm very proud with those ones!

With shoes such as these sandles I used fishing wire to hold up the straps to make the shape as though someone is wearing them. I don't have a BTS photograph of this one, and you can barely see it before I edited it out, but it was there!

This image was also featured as part of Sheila Tiller's advert in KL Magazine!

Below are some of my favourite images/shoes...

I hope you found this interesting, I have never included BTS photographs before so please let me know if this is something I should keep doing! I'm excited to continue to get better at product photography, so please if this is something you've been doing for a long time do not judge me too hard!

It's great to go through this journey together and throughout these blogs I will hopefully see growth in my work.

Have a great day!

Lucy x


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