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My First Wedding

Anyone who follows me on social media would have seen that this month I photographed my first wedding as a professional photographer. I’m so happy with how it went I could have cried, especially when I put Jenna and Simon’s online album together, it felt like such a momentous moment in my career as a photographer. I am so grateful to Jenna for being so supportive and encouraging, she even said she wanted to be my first wedding! Could I have asked for a better first bride? I do not think so! It was such an honour to be a part of the day, I don’t think I stopped smiling to be honest.

I’m sure you’re all super eager to take a look at some of my favourite images from the day so let’s get started!

A very proud Mum and sister, so sweet!

I think a bit of bromance is always needed.

The delicious looking cake, with a topper that represents Jenna, Simon, Aleaha and Cody.

Getting out your heels and into the comfy converse ready for the dance floor!

Definitely get your husband and son carrying your dress on your wedding day.

Doesn't matter if your in a bridesmaids dress when playing with kids!

Literally me with food.

I'm afraid we have come to the end! I hope you enjoyed looking through a little snippet of Jenna and Simon's wedding. There was so much love throughout the day and I just had the best time. I am sooooo excited for the rest of my weddings this year!! If your getting married why not give the new tog on the block a go? Consultations are completely free to just have a chat and see if I'm the one for you <3

Have a great day/evening wherever you are!

Lucy x


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