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Leticia and Ademola Engagement Shoot

I haven't worked with many couples yet and I think each time I do I consider the photographs my favourite yet, but wow, these pair absolutely killed it.

When a date has be set really far ahead of time it's super hit and miss what the weather is going to be like, but the 20th of April did NOT disappoint.

We started off in Kings Lynn in the late afternoon, the sun was still pretty high in the sky which can make it difficult for photographs because of the need to squint. This can easily be avoided by following the rule 'bum to the sun'.

Now this is one of my favourites from the shoot, alongside the one below. Just the way he looks at her, throughout the whole time we had it was so lovely!

Pose inspo from Will and Jada Smith, from the Award show in 2007.

We're now moving on to our second location, a rapeseed field in the good old country side, and don't worry, I had permission for us to go there in the field.

Another note, you wouldn't believe (or you would if you live in the countryside) how many flies I had to edit out of the sky! They were everywhere.

Also, Leticia did a great job at getting changed in the back of the car, not once but twice as she brought three different outfits.

You know what I love about these shots? I asked them to dance together, and to do twirls and they just went for it and started doing these moves. Safe to say I am super excited for their wedding reception when they start busting out these moves.

This one is blurry, but I still really like it, not every single shot has to be in focus, right?

I just love when people can just be themselves when they're having their photograph taken which is why I adore shots like these so much!

At around 7:30pm the sun finally started to set and we came to my personal favourite time to shoot.

*mic drop*

Have a great day,

Lucy x


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