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Leticia & Ademola's Wedding

Leticia and Ade's wedding was held at Manor Mews, a stunning barn in Kings Lynn. The whole day was magical and as I've known the maid of honour since college it was lovely to be there to capture the day. There's never a dull moment with this family, they had everyone in stitches and then crying in an instant. They have this way with words that just melts your heart into a puddle. When I first saw Leticia in her dress I must have looked in awe as she said to me 'Lucy, don't cry'. Don't worry, I held it in!

As I have said before I am an empathetic person, if I see someone else crying, chances are I will be too. Both a blessing, and a curse when it comes to photographing weddings. I was really tested throughout the day. From watching everyone tear up when Leticia walked into the ceremony; even Ade, who apparently hasn't cried in years had a little cry when he saw Leticia - so, sooo sweet. To the speeches (THE SPEECHES) which were incredibly sweet, emotional, hilarious. Hats off to Larissa (maid of honour) who I remember saying, as Leticia always makes people cry with her words, she was going to during her speech. Girl, you did it.

Another thing I have to mention is the dancing, so much dancing I loved it. Both the grooms side and bridal party both danced into the ceremony, and then after becoming Mr and Mrs Ade and Leticia danced their way out too. I am no where near as good at dancing as they are but I really enjoyed getting my groove on.

I think I could talk all day about the love that pours out of Leticia and Ade but I think I will just show you through the photographs instead. May you have the most loving marriage there ever was, and keep dancing through it all.

Wonderful suppliers helping make the day beautiful:

Videographer: heliakim

Flowers: Mel Durant

Cake: Andrea Anker

Sweets on cake table “Brigadeiros”: Heavens Brigaderia

Ice cream: Dann's Ice Cream

Getting those stickers off the bottom of your shoes! It's not all about perfection I love capturing little funny moments like this too.

Group shot competition! It was after this photograph that I told the grooms side they needed to up their game! Especially with the high kicks the bridal party were doing. The following pictures are everyone just going for it!

From engagement shoot to wedding day!

I hope you've enjoyed looking through all my favourite moments from the day! As you can see I had quite a lot, well done if you got through them all!

As always if you like what you see feel free to get in touch. tag or link this to any friends or family who are getting married to give them some inspiration! They might even have found their photographer ;)

Have a great day!

Lucy x


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