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Getting Autumnal with Heavenly Feet

Left to right - Annie in Tan and Racquel in Black

It is always fun when you work on something that you love, and I do love shoes. It felt like Christmas morning when I received the two large boxes of boots to play with. I set them all out a started drawing my stick figures as ideas flowed into my brain when looking at them. Bright, colourful and fun was the idea for these.

Each shoe has its own personality and that is what I go off of when I start coming up with ideas. What would I most likely be doing in this shoe? Or what would the ideal customer of Heavenly Feet most likely wear them for?

I couldn’t go too wild with it as sadly the shoes had to be sent back so with some clever cling film placement we could keep them clean whilst using them outside. As we did all this during lockdown the models you see are me and my mum! We are very close to both being in the correct age range they are aimed and my mum was up for it so it worked well! I thought it would be a tad samey if it was only me modelling them. For the images where you see me, my trusty partner helped photograph them.

We also had to get the dogs involved, Charlie our Schnauzer got involved as well as my Nanas dog Bailey, or is so fluffy and cute we had to borrow him. It was a proper family affair!

I wish that I had behind the scenes footage of the images as it was pretty funny trying to get the shot and not move too much from the cling film. In one of the photographs, I am holding onto my mum for dear life (Erica boots on the fence). I am not as good at balancing as I thought.

We have been so fortunate to have so much outdoor space during both lockdowns and it is coming in very handy with having to work from home on shoots such as this.

I would love to know which shoes are your favourites! Mine were the two knee-high boots which are called Racquel and Sidewalk and Ingrid the tan boots. Thought Justina the glittery military-style boots are also fabulous! Okay so maybe I love them all!

(Photographed - Melody in Black)

(Photographed - Ingrid in Tan)

(Photographed - Eloise in Pewter Ripple)

(Photographed - Justina in Black Glitter)

(Photographed - Erica in Black)

(Photographed - Sidewalk in Black Patent)

(Photographed - Ariana in Black)

(Photographed - Ariana in Black)

(Left - Racquel in Black | Right - Annie in Tan)

How good of a job did my mum do modelling?! She was great. I’m very grateful that she was okay with helping! It was lovely to work on them all together as it’s usually me on my own. Loved it!

Let me know which were your favourite images/shoes and have a great day,

Lucy x

You can find Heavenly Feets website by clicking here.


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