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Brand Photography - what it is and why your business would benefit from it

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Image of my work space, by me

Hi all! Today I'm going to be talking about brand photography.

As I have begun re-branding my own business I have really started thinking more about the importance of having a clear brand, and how our images play a part in this. I've become super passionate about this so I want to help more businesses get awesome visual content for their website, social media, blogs and well, whatever you want to use them for!

So to start with I will give you the most simple description of what brand photography is -

Professional images that represent your business. This can be individual photos of you and your team, your products, your process, your space. Anything that makes your business unique!

In a sea full of wonderful businesses we're all trying to show how we are different, why our clients should pick us. Photography in hindsight is a small, but very important part of this. In order for me or any photographer working with you, we first need to know who these images are for, who are you trying to entice? Colours are also important, there is no point photographing you in a bright pink shirt if your brand colours are actually muted, earthy tones. These can, of course, be muted down in trusty photoshop but it's best to know this first!

One of the things I always say is to not hide behind a logo, let people see who you are! I am doing this more often on my own social media and website, but I think it's important for people to know who they are doing business with. Plus, can we all just admit we're actually super nosey and love to know more...? Cause I know I do! One of the first things I do when I look at someone's website, I head to their about page. That's also why I think showing your process is also great, if you're super eco-friendly, show people how you are super eco-friendly. Your packaging, the way you distribute products, and the products themselves. Show it off!

If you have a shop, get some lovely photographs of it! I am sure you have spent ages figuring out where you want everything to go, picking out the items that you love to sell. It'll definitely make people want to come in if they see how lovely and inviting it looks to peruse your products. Plus if people recognise it, they will feel even more comfortable already. I know I always like to look at new locations online before I go just so I know I'm in the right place! (My sense of direction is awful, I both blame and thank technology for helping me get anywhere).

Example: Images of Barefoot Sunday's shop and products in Oakham.

I hope that I have given you some things to think about! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about my new branding photography packages. Or check out more of my work here.

Have a great day!

Lucy x


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