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Recently I went to a workshop run by Georgia Rachel Photography which was all about anti-posing. Nowadays people tend to not want really stuffy, formal photographs, but ones that capture real emotions! In photography you can never stop learning as trends change and as the years roll on we want to see different styles.

I’m going to admit I’ve always found posing pretty difficult and I’m not always satisfied with the results. Especially when it comes to family sessions. I’ve been craving getting those real emotions, and Georgia’s workshop gave me the tools to get them.

I’m going to share some of the photographs I took from the day, along with some behind the scenes. I’m not going to share any of the tips given to us though, you’re going to have to go on Georgia’s workshop for that ;D

Here are the backs of the fellow photographers who were also on the workshop with me! From left to right - Rhiane Terry Photography, Chloe aka Coco's Camera, Cara Zagni Photography and Samantha Jayne Photography. Honestly couldn't have asked for better ladies to have shared the day with! I already feel so much support from them and Georgia and I feel grateful to now have fellow photographers to ask for advice when I need it.

Also; remember this photograph as you continue - there were five cameras on them the whole time!

These three piggy back photographs are probably my favourite - so cute. However, in a skirt maaaaybe not so graceful to get into!

Hand details mean I'm just admiring your nail varnish - I love some sparkle.

I mainly love this behind the scene shot as they are both wearing leather jackets!

Can you tell I had a hard time picking my favourites from the workshop? So many great moments to capture.

Here is the lovely Georgia showing Leanna and her husband how it's done - I wouldn't have been mad if these two were our couple to photograph!

This one is the last one I'm going to share - the way she's grinning at him hits me in all the feels! I'm obsessed.

Huge thank you to Leanna and her hubby for being our real life couple to photograph, they were an absolute pleasure to capture.

I hope you enjoyed having a look through some more photographs from the workshop. I'm pretty sure because of the success of this one there will be another! If you're interested in doing it I definitely would! It was well worth the hour and a half drive to Norwich to Georgia's BEAUTIFUL house. Just search Georgia Rachel Photography and you'll find her. Not only do I have more tricks up my sleeve to get gorgeous, natural, raw photographs of my future families and couples but I have a new group of girl bosses to help me along my journey.

I'm feeling ALL the love.

Couples, get in touch!! I'm ready for ya.

Lucy x


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