My Girl 


The project My Girl explores why we name our cars. I was especially interested in cars that had names which suggested they had a gender. Was it subconsciously because the car had feminine/masculine features? Or purely just because they like the name?

I photographed small sections of the cars as I wanted to explore what it was about the small details which could possibly influence a name, or which gender they were.

All the photographs displayed contain cars which have been given a female name, which is why the project was given the title My Girl. This is also reminiscent of the relationship which can be built between car and owner, most people spend a lot of time with them, and rely on them to get them where they need to go. The more time spent with them, the more characteristics can be spotted, making them somewhat anthropomorphic.


Top to bottom; Goddess, Penelope, Kylie, Amber, Poppy, The Bitch.

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